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Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
Parents' Night Out
We're hosting a Parents' Night Out on Friday, December 1st from 5:30-7:30pm at New Anthem Church! This is a FREE opportunity for you to bring your kids (6 weeks through 5th grade) to New Anthem for games, crafts and fun while you have the opportunity to shop for Christmas presents, have a dinner date, or just have a few hours to yourself! Your kids will be cared for by background-checked, friendly volunteers. Pizza will be provided. Again, this event is completely free, but registration is REQUIRED so that we can make sure we have an adequate number of volunteers. If you would like to sign up to bring your kids OR to volunteer, please click the signup link.
Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
Christmas Eve Services
We're so excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus together! We will have 2 identical services at 9am + 11am at New Anthem Church. Anthem Kids will be available for birth through 5th grade at both services. Invite your friends and family - we can't wait to see you there!
Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
New Anthem Holiday Schedule
Check out our holiday schedule - join us on Christmas Eve at 9am & 11am. No service on Christmas Day, and an online-only service at 10am on New Year's Eve!
Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
Tuesday Night Prayer
Tuesday Night Prayer is off for the holidays and will resume in the new year! Every Tuesday, join us at 7pm at New Anthem Church by the fireplace as we pray for our congregation, the future of our church, our city, and more. Everyone is welcome!
Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
The Mix Young Adults
The Mix is off until the new year, but join us for our Christmas party on Wednesday, December 6th! Bring a side or dessert to pass! Are you looking for people your age to connect with? 20-30 somethings, join us for The Mix! Meeting every Wednesday at 7:30pm.
Connect Screen (Weekly Updates)
Small Groups
Small groups are off for the holidays. Join us in January! We aren't just a church that has small groups, we're a church of small groups. Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). We try to keep them limited to about 10-15 people. Go to the link to find out what we have available and sign up!


Extra Steps for a Safer Church Experience as We Return to In-Person Services June 28

As we return to in-person services on Sunday, June 28, we wanted to share some of the steps we will be taking to promote a safer and healthier environment:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces before each service
  • Physical distancing inside the auditorium
  • Masks are required as you walk into the building; you may remove them once you get to your seat if you wish
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the lobby area​
  • No more self-service coffee, but coffee will be available and dispensed by volunteers wearing gloves and masks
  • Anthem Kids has returned in-person during the 11am service, and we will continue to upload the kids’ message to our website every week
  • We ask that if you are not feeling well to please stay home in order to help keep everyone safe
  • We will continue to livestream our entire worship service on Facebook and YouTube so that if you are not feeling well or would just feel more comfortable at home for now you can continue to worship with New Anthem and hear the Word.

June 13

We are so excited to be gearing up to meet again for in-person services, beginning June 28. We will have services at 9&11am at Mount Clemens High School once again. We are making some changes to help promote a more safe and healthy experience, including cleaning between services, physical distancing in the auditorium, and hand sanitizing stations. Anthem Kids will continue to meet online for the time being, but kids can be in service with their family or we will have a family room provided that will also have the service streamed to it. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home, and for anyone who isn’t able to or doesn’t feel comfortable to attend in person yet, that’s okay! We will continue livestreaming every Sunday on both Facebook and YouTube. We are so glad we have the opportunity to see each other in person and, for those who feel comfortable returning, we can’t wait to see you!